For Glowing Skin

Beauty of skin is a window of our health.  Here are some imortant tips to boost glow of skin.
Coconut water, wet scraped coconut pieces, coconut milk, copra, coconut oil, coconut cortex are very important for all skin problems, it helps to enhance the glow of your skin and beautiful you.

Mix ailovera and coconut oil and put it on skin for half an hour, it reduces the blaxk spots on the skin.

Drink more water, as much as possible before the steam bath and it wont cause dehydration on skin. Drinking water is very important for healthier skin.

If your skin is sensitive then apply good moisturizing cream at night regularly. Look for good skin cleaners and natural make up components. For smoothing benifits gently scrub your skin in a week with some natural scrubber cream. Prevent sun damages by using a good sun screen cream. It bans UV rays directly contacting our skin.

If you find your skin oily then keep oil soaking sheets with you and keep blothing the oil coming on your face. At home by wet cotton keep cleaning the skin after some regular intervals of hours. This helps skin to keep it smooth annd not oily.

Wash your face thrice a day. This removes all dirt particles saturated on the face and keeps tissue alive.

Yes and more importantly have a glass of carrot juice daily. This for sure will glow your skin and will keep it healthier.

Food that enhance glow of skin

1) Salmon
2) Tomatoes
3) Fruits rich with water
4) Legumes
5) Nuts

Hope this post helps