Taking Care of Eyes

Take Care of eyes

It is very important to take care of of our eyes for having healthier eyes.

The window of the mind is our eyes. A huge knowledge in the world can be acquired only by our eyes. We should be very much thankful and understand the importance of our eyes, how we sense the beauty of a woman? An eye has given us the gift to see the beautiful nature around the world. Eyes are very

important in the world as a sign of beauty. Eyes reflects total personality of man. We have found a variety of art and culture  which has given human eyes given a respectable place. A mother looks her child's whole life looking in his eyes. This language is an eye language, a person getting experience of  knowledge of the world mainly with his eyes. The beauty of women is measured by the size of their in our society. Many a times the names of the girls are kept based on their eyes like Sunayana, minaksi, sulochana describing the girls' eyes. Healthy, clean, quality wellness of a person is understood by his eyes and addressed as a spirited person. 

Eyes are arranged such that they are protected naturally by eyebrows, eyelids, eye mold. It can protect itself from dust, water and defend it from the heal. But to protect from other diseases you only have to take care of the eyes.Nutritional requirements for growth and to be good health from childhood is required to abide receive a nutritious diet. This should be a well balanced diet. Eyes requires vitamin 'A' and  lots of proteins. Fish, green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, green gram such as cereals, papaya, mango fruit has a lot vitamin 'A'. The Sun also is a good source of vitamin 'A'. And because of lack of this kind of diet dew eyes,  low influenced eyes and other diseases occur. If diet is not healthy since childhood then serious complaints can start to happen and blindness can occur. Pregnant women should receive lots of vitamins and proteins from food. Otherwise,  it may effect  the vision of mother and the baby both. No food other than soul milky milk is perfect for children. It makes a healthy child, every mother should remember this. They can milk the first day which is yellow and somewhat sticky. This milk is rich with vitamin 'A'. A myth is there is that they don't let baby of a day drink such milk, the newborn should be fed with such milk. This belief is wrong  and is extremely harmful to the baby. Infection diseases may get adhered due to this. This rate is higher among the inhabitants of the village move.

One should have intake of all the vitamins, that are  vitamin A, B, C and D through a good food diet.

Vitamins from food

A: meat, eggs, milk, carrots, fish, bananas, dates.

B: Cereal, sprouts, eggs, milk, green vegetables. 

C: Citrus, lemon, tomatoes, milk.

D: milk, butter, Cord oil, eggs, 'D' from sun.

Consistent use of these substances in the diet.

Some tips for clean and shining eyes

1) prostrate eyes if more time on the computer. At such a rate of two to three hours to be eye with water. Then lightly clean it with cotton.

2) green trees, flowers delight to see things in isp-in. Eyes feel happy.

3) the chilled cucumber cushions, placing eyes bound to swing cool ice cotton ten to fifteen minutes. T Bags can be kept there.

4) carrots Keys, Beta Keys, by combining raw milk really should be traded or light massage around the eye-receipt. Black circles around the eye which will.

Hope this post helped.